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A Bob story

Today I’m reading a column from 1990 about Bob.

My husband was a soft-spoken guy except when it came to stubborn machinery. Then he would let the sharp words fly, but only if he was alone.

Of course, Bob forgot that sometimes others could hear his colorful words.

The kids laugh after hearing him working in our basement alone. Their dad’s words didn’t stop at the basement ceiling but floated into our living room where everyone could hear him. Bob never realized this, until he heard the kids laughing.

If Bob was really having a bad time with machinery, I’d head out and help. My hands would fit where his didn’t. Many days we were both covered with grease and oil. On a few rare occasions, I found solutions for him, that was because I didn’t know what I was doing and found interesting ways to address problems.

I sure miss him.

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Gross roadside attractions

What catches your attention while driving Wisconsin country roads? This column from 1990 tells what our children saw and commented on.

Some may giggle at their reactions. Others may gag.

Time has passed and all have grown up, but roadside attractions like these continue to bring comments from my family, and now I include grandchildren, too.

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A surprise during a farm haying day

HOT and DRY! These were the words for the summer of 1988. But one day, while working at baling hay a surprise came from the sky that brightened our day.

Listen and find out what stopped farm work.

Some days you just work but there are times when farm work takes a back seat to a surprise visitor. Even Bob thought it a good idea to stop work and greet our visitor.

Hoping a good surprise comes your way today.

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A little celebration

On the third of July, I joined my son Russell and his family up north. I usually stay away from crowds during Independence Day celebrations, but I went anyway.

On a normal weekday, only a few families would have lunch at this beach. On Independence Day weekend, a crowd showed up.

At least there was enough room for father and son to play in the sand and make enough blocks to build a wall until it tumbled down.

It wasn’t until later that my real fun began when I joined Harrison and ran through the sprinklers in the backyard of the cabin.

As we dried off, everyone played SORRY. The last time I played this board game was many moons ago and I had to be reminded of the rules. Even so by chance, I WON!

It’s good to have fun with family, but best if not so many other families surround you on the beach.

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When the rain didn’t come

This year (2021) gave us a very dry, hot June. The year 1988 was near the same.

This column is about praying for rain, seeing clouds, and wishing they would bring beneficial precipitation.

Luckily, our weather changed at the end of June this year. The rain came all at once, but it sure helped the crops.

No knowing how the rest of the season will be. Will rain come when needed? Or will it skip this area again? Only the Almighty knows.

Hoping for enough rain, but not too much.

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