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Shopping @ Fleet Farm

We are expecting a repair person to come here next week to work on our clothes dryer. It hasn’t been working for over a month.

Today, Bob and I drove to Fleet Farm for dryer vent parts so we can start with a fresh venting setup.

Appleton Fleet Farm

Since we didn’t know exactly where the dryer vent parts would be found, we walked through the store, picking up dog food and cat food along our journey.

One of the parts we brought home was this vent kit.

Bob went to work as soon as we got home.

It took both of us to put everything together and hang the new vent section in the basement. Of course, there were no extra hands to take pictures when we were struggling to get it set up so you won’t see me in a photo.

We are now ready for the dryer to be repaired … or replaced. Let’s hope for the repair and not the costly replacement. Fingers are crossed.

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Zucchini relish

I was given two extra-large zucchini to give to our chickens, but I only gave the chickens the inside seeds and scraps. I took the rest and ground it up today with onion and salt. It will sit overnight and tomorrow I will continue with the recipe when I will drain and rinse and drain this mixture and continue making my relish.

Today was enough work with washing up my food processor after using it to grind up the zucchini and onion.

I don’t can much these days. I only do a few things I like that I can’t get anywhere else. Zucchini relish is one of these things.

Now doesn’t that look tasty?

Of course, there’s cleanup. I have to admit some dishes were from our lunch.

The scrap cleanup will be done by the chickens.

When I blog next, I’ll include the complete recipe. Today is just a tease.

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More Camp Manzke Photos

I just thought I’d add a couple more photos from our family weekend.

Dave and Russell spent hours cutting up fallen trees on our farm. We are so thankful for their help and also for the help of Seth and Rob who helped pick up log pieces from the lane.

Now that our farm lane is clear of fallen trees Bob and I are able to drive down to our favorite viewing spot by the woods.

This photo was taken from our favorite spot last year. Any day we catch a glimpse of a whitetail or two is always a good day.

Under the canopy

It’s Tuesday, so once again we were at the Seymour Farmer’s Market.

The weather was predicted to have pop-up showers today, but lucky for us none popped here. We had a nice day with a lovely breeze.

There could have been more shoppers at the market, but maybe they were saving themselves for the county fair which started tonight with a tractor pull. Bob entertained himself by watching all the trailers with tractors on them, driving to the fair. Most were IH.

From our booth/canopy we could see the people to our west who were selling handmade teddybears and a bunch of other crocheted items.

East of us was a couple selling vegetables.

See the blue cooler on the table to the left above the yellow bucket. A little boy was selling lemonade at the end of his mother’s table. Bob and I bought a cup from him for fifty cents each.

All in all, it was another nice Tuesday.

Picking up speed

A quick blog of after-storm work.

Today Bob, Rebecca, and Andy picked up branches and branches and branches–there were more every time we turned around. We found a few still hung up in trees.

While they did that, I picked up pine cones, buckets, and buckets of pine cones. There were thousands both big and little. There are so many, they will hurt the mower blade. It’s amazing how far things flew away from their original trees, both branches, and pine cones.

We are all very tired, yet there’s more work ahead, but we may need a few more hands cutting the big logs. That’s for another day and another blog.

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