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A little goodwill

I was in Sissy’s Treats and Treasures in Seymour when I looked out the door. I saw something that attracted my attention, a big red and black bug.

I’ve heard of people making painted rocks and setting them out for others to discover, but this is the first one I’ve found.

On the back it read:

It says: take a picture and post on Facebook — GBW Rocks — Keep or re-hide — Please enjoy! — The Wiliing Family 🙂

I still have the rock bug, but I plan on leaving it for someone else to find soon..

Maybe it will make someone else’s day as it did mine.

I just remembered another rock I was given about six years ago.

Grandson, Eli had made it for me early in his reading and writing career.

To photograph it, I went to my jewelry box and found it. — Yes, I kept it all these years. Grandmas cherish little gifts like this.

Set up this as my last photo so it will show up on Facebook as per request on back of rock.

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Perseid Meteor Shower

Tis the season for the Perseid Meteor Shower.

The shower’s peak early tomorrow, August 12th, between 2 am and sunrise. Reports also say that many meteors may be seen in the next few mornings.

Perseid Meteor Shower photo from internet

Early this morning, around 2, I had to get up to go to the bathroom. I thought about going out to observe the meteor shower for a few minutes.

Things for me to consider: night critters, the cool night air, and being alone.

Did I go back to bed? No.

I put on Bob’s robe, still hanging in our bedroom, and stepped out on the upper deck of the house. There wouldn’t be any critters up there.

The waning moon was bright, but if I turned my face away from it the sky was darker and made it easier for me to watch for meteors.

The night was beautiful, calm and cool.

It wasn’t too long before I saw a flash in the sky. That meteor made me happy.

In past summers, when family camped here, we’d all stay up and look at the night sky.

I miss those days but I especially miss Bob’s company.

I also missed my friend Colleen Sutherland. Living in town meant Colleen couldn’t see the night sky well enough for the shower. One early morning, Colleen and a few others came to watch the Perseid Shower at our home.

We were bundled up for a very cool, damp morning. Hot cocoa was sipped as we settled down on our lawn chairs, chatting, and waiting.

A ground fog rolled in. I don’t remember if we saw any meteors before it arrived, but I still remember the time I spent with my friends.

This morning, I stayed up about 20 minutes and saw six meteors flash by, and then I went back to bed, happy I had made the trip out–I’ll probably go out again tonight as the weather will be about the same.

I hope you see a meteor and make a wish as it streaks across the sky.

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Mr. Peacock

I stopped by my friends’ farm the other day, the ShaBock Farm (usually a bed and breakfast but currently shut down for the virus).

One of my hens wanted to set, so I had to get her a couple of fertilized eggs from a flock with roosters.

As we visited in their yard, the ShaBock Farm peacock began strutting about.

I kept trying to get a photo of the peacock strutting his stuff, but every time I got close, he closed down his display.

I finally got close when he was displaying.

The farm peahens were not around. They were in the barn on their nests. This peacock was showing off for a chicken.

He’s a beauty but also a funny fellow.

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Happy Birthday, Roger!

There was another country parade today heading south on Miller Road.

I almost missed this celebration as my family had come by to help out around the house.

As we were doing chores, we stopped to look up when we saw some strange vehicles honking past Sunnybook Farm.

As they passed, I remembered I had been invited to join this country parade. It was to celebrate our neighbor, Roger Roskoms’ birthday.

Again, I wasn’t close enough to photograph the beginning of the parade, but I did click one photo before they disappeared down the road.

Roger’s daughter, Juli said: We had a fantastic turnout with three fire trucks from Navarino, Nichols, Cicero, a mixer from Green and Gold Concrete from where Dad used to work, a bunch of old cars and cool tractors. … We had 53 Vehicles total … not too shabby I guess.

Happy Birthday, Roger. You are a good neighbor with a lot of good friends and a loving family.

I hope you enjoyed your country parade.

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Finally in the mail

I write every day on my blog, but writing individual letters seems like a lot of work for me. I’ve found a solution.

After digging through a box, I found a bunch of postcards Bob and I had gathered over the years. The oldest is from our honeymoon in 1973 when we stopped at the Arch on our way home.

Anyway, I used these cards the other day to write short notes to people–the space limits what I can write and if the cards are small enough, they only cost 35 cents to send.

Anyway, now a few people will find a little greeting in their mail that isn’t a bill, an advertisement, or political.

Postcards were first purchased as a

I hope they enjoy my efforts.

I even sent some to grandchildren. Of course, they like to get mail, too.

This is nothing earthshaking, but it is an idea of how to use those vacation postcards that never got mailed. Postcard souvenirs will now brighten up someone else’s day. 

If your vacation souvenirs are postcards like mine, maybe it’s time to send them winging on to a mailbox. You’ll brighten someone’s day, I guarantee.

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