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Scissor sharpener review

I like my Jiffy-Pro sharpener. In this video I demonstrate using it to sharpen scissors.

It’s not easy showing exactly how this sharpens scissors, but it works well without much effort. It works for both right and left-handed scissors, as well as sharpening knives. I’ve had mine since 2019 and it can be found on Amazon for about $13.

Until next time, that’s all there is from Sunnybook Farm.

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Cat comb review

I saw an ad for a soft cat comb and went ahead and bought one. It looked like it would do the trick for all the hair that comes off of Car-E.

Well it wasn’t as great as proclaimed.

The metal comb works best but costs a lot more. Soft plastic comb was about $6.50. The metal one I bought years ago. I paid between $10 to $15 for it.

The soft comb isn’t worth it for taking off cat hair, but works for massage.

I wouldn’t buy it again for my cats.

Thought you’d like to know.

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Storm Alert!

I was sitting by my desk, finishing my next column, when a sharp tone emitted from our weather alert. The radio happens to be within 4 feet of my desk and I almost jumped out of my chair when it went off.

The storm on the horizon.

This alert gave me plenty of time to park my car inside the barn before the thunderstorm arrived.

I have to say that last Saturday’s alert almost didn’t come soon enough for Bob and me. We had been inside, out of the heat, when the alert sounded. Bob went to put the cart in and I quickly parked my car inside the barn as hail was a possibility, just like today.

We weren’t outside long and just got back inside the house when the storm hit. That really surprised us. Usually, we are given at least a half-hour’s warning, like we were today.

It used to be that one alert would come after another as a storm worked its way through the area. On the new weather alert radio we just set our county and only when our county is included in the warning or watch do we hear any piercing alert.

Our weather alert with battery backup.

I recommend everyone have a weather alert radio. You don’t want to be caught up short if it’s time to take cover–it’s great to know that some cell phones send out bad weather alerts, too. On a trip, you may need more time to find shelter.

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The other day I reached over my pressure cooker and accidentally hit the steam release with my arm. Yikes! I scalded a small patch of skin on my upper arm.

Right away I put ice on the spot, but that didn’t help much. All day my clothes rubbed on the sore and irritated it more.

It was time for a bandage to keep it away from touch. Bob gave me a regular size bandage, but I needed something bigger.

Lucky for me, some time ago I had bought these large Johnson and Johnson gauze bandages for Bob when he needed to cover a large scrape when a wrench slipped.

One fit perfectly for me.

It claimed to be waterproof. I thought, “Sure it is.” Well, I can tell you that it stayed on even in the shower. I eventually had to peel it off and that took a bit of work to get it off my skin.

If you do something stupid, like I did, and need to cover an ouwie, this really stays in place. I recommend these bandages–I’m sure ours had been in our medicine cabinet for years and it still stuck.

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Sharpener review

I have a thousand scissors around the house and all are dull. Okay, maybe not a thousand, but all that I have always seem to be dull. We have knife sharpeners here that work well, even one used ages ago by a butcher (probably a collectible). The trouble is you can’t sharpen scissors the same way you do knives.

I googled how to sharpen scissors.

The google replies said to cut sandpaper over and over with a pair of scissors to sharpen it. I did this and had a little success, but first thing is to have sandpaper handy.

The second suggestion was to take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it over a few times. Like the sandpaper, you cut the foil many times to sharpen your scissors. My success rate wasn’t any better with this method.

I then asked the Internet for a scissor sharpener. A bunch of knife sharpeners showed up, but so did some scissor sharpeners. One gizmo was a professional model and cost over $400–since I didn’t want to go into the business of sharpening, I continued my search for a reasonably priced sharpener.

I ended up with Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Sharpener. It sharpens knives, scissors and shears. This model cost me a hair under ten dollars.

Jiffy-Pro Sharpener

I found this sharpener easy to use. Knives just zip through. Scissors take a firm hand to hold in place, but it worked well for my needs.


One extra benefit (that I don’t need) is that it will sharpen left-handed scissors too. It is designed in the U. S. but made in China.

I did not buy any other sharpeners so I don’t know if any are better. (There was another that was cheaper and one for the desktop.)

All I can say is that Smith’s Jiffy-Pro Sharpener worked well for me. Now I don’t have to buy another scissors just because all of mine are dull.