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Learning a little

I have been trying to learn German online. I use the free website If a person doesn’t want advertisements a student can pay for them to be removed, but I’m too cheap and go for the lessons that are completely free.

I work at from my laptop and cellphone.

There are many more languages on the Duolingo website than German. Here’s the list I gleaned from Wikipedia.

Did you notice you can actually learn Klingon?

A person can also learn English on Duolingo.

This is the perfect learning opportunity for me. German words don’t exactly stick in my memory, but I can review a lesson over and over and over again. No one is judging my progress. I keep going because I want to.

I’ve heard that learning a new language is a good way of keeping your mind sharp as you age. I also know if anyone speaks German to me they will have to do it very slowly, one word at a time, or I won’t understand them.

It’s a great opportunity and it’s FREE! Give it a try. You have many choices.

Guten Tag.

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A weighty topic

Most of my adult life I’ve battled my weight. I’ve tried all kinds of diets. Some worked a little, but I couldn’t stick to any. Now I found something that works for me. It’s called intermittent fasting or the 5/2 diet.

Here’s what I do (other people may do it a little different). Two days a week, usually Monday and Thursday, I only eat 500 calories. The other five days I eat a normal diet.

Today I’m fasting. I had a cup of tea and 1/2 a serving of oatmeal for breakfast with a couple of raspberries. At lunch, I made an egg with some green pepper. Supper will be a can of tuna with lettuce–no special sauce. Tomorrow I’ll have toast for breakfast and who knows the rest of the day. I won’t be fasting then.

The Fast Diet book by Dr. Michael Mosley

Yes, fasting can be a pain, but I always figure I can get through one day. It’s like fasting before a medical test. Survivable.

I don’t fuss with my meals when fasting. Why bother for 500 calories. Bob eats leftovers those days, so I just microwave his food and he’s fine.

One great thing about the 5/2 diet is that if I have lunch out with friends, I can always switch my fasting day. Like instead of Thursday, I do Friday.

Yes, I have failed. When my husband was sick and didn’t feel like eating, we tempted him with all kinds of goodies. I did not stick to fasting then. Now I’m trying to lose the pounds I gained over those winter months.

Right now I’m going to go to the kitchen for some ice water. There’s no limit on calorie-free drinks when fasting. Of course, that means more trips to the bathroom.

Splashing around

Today, Russell and Harrison came for an overnight visit.

It’s hot so a trip to Seymour’s new splash pad at Recknagel Park was in order. Of course, Grandpa Bob and I tagged along.

Harrison started with a drink of cool water.

Grandpa and Grandma sat on a bench in the shade as Daddy and son went on the playground equipment. Next was the splash pad.

A lot of cool water to splash in.

I did walk onto the splash pad, too. The water was refreshing, meaning cold for me.

Daddy Russ watches as Harrison checks out a water spider.

I recommend this park for children of all ages. It is especially great for younger kids.

All I could think about while I watched Harrison and other children playing in the water is this would have been great when our children were little. Now that it’s here it will be used by our visiting grandchildren.

It’s worth the trip to Seymour.

Cat water fountain – review

About two weeks ago, I bought a Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain. I purchased this water fountain for our cat, Othello.

Othello is over 15 years old and he looks it. Every morning he’d ask me to turn on the shower so he could drink water there. It didn’t matter that there was a bowl of water across the bathroom. He wanted his water from the shower. If I didn’t do this for him he didn’t drink enough water.

A friend had a pet fountain for her cat and she said it worked well. I looked at a variety and decided on the Drinkwell one.

It said dogs liked it too, but Sunny hasn’t even tried taking a sip from the fountain.

Both our cats, Othello and Cruella, do like taking their water at the fountain. The water fountain is on the first floor, so if they are upstairs at night, with only a bowl of water, they hurry down in the morning to take a drink.

Othello seems to be taking in more water now that we have this fountain.

Othello taking a sip
Othello by his pet fountain

It is a bit more of a bother than putting water in a bowl. I have to keep the level up and wash it out more often than I like. It’s also not easy to move once it is filled with water.

To wash it out I put the plastic fountain, water and all, in a plastic tub and take it to a sink where I can dump the water. Having it in the tub as I walk across the house is so I don’t slosh water on the floor.

Anyway, this fountain is helping our old cat drink more water and I think that’s a good thing.