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Another food experiment

I think being home has made me susceptible to trying unusual food, at least unusual for me.

Amazon makes doing these food experiments easy as they can be delivered right to my door.

This video was made when my seaweed was delivered.

Remember, eating seaweed is good for you.

Since I bought more than I can eat of this snack food, I’m willing to share, so friends beware.

Okay, the first person who took my dare and tried my seaweed snack. Son Russell didn’t get past one tiny bite. He then needed another mouthful of food to rid himself of the seaweed taste.

Anyone want a taste? I can slip a square into a letter for you.

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Car-E is interested in the popper

I got my West Bend Stir Crazy electric popcorn popper out and attracted my cat’s attention. (Originally purchased a few years ago at Fleet Farm, Appleton, WI.)

I think Car-E would have liked it better if the top of the popper was off. If that happened he would have loved chasing the popped kernels.

I do love this popper but I don’t eat popcorn too much. Most of this batch went as a treat to my four hens.

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Under-Eye cream review

Plexaderm works but I found I have an issue with it as I talk about in this video today.

You may love this under-eye bag reducing cream, but I think it is rather expensive, though first-time buyers get a break on their website.

I just thought I should tell you about my reaction to Plexaderm.

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Ten years and counting — corrected video

I hope you came back to hear this archived column.

My computer had issues with sound, both coming in and going out. It is fixed now.

I have a membership with the Geek Squad. A tech in India fixed my sound and then cleaned up my system. I didn’t have to take my computer in to the repair shop. It was fixed right in my home.

I’ve used the Geek Squad before but it took time for me to remember how to connect.

Thank you Geek Squad and Sourav for getting my computer up and running again.

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Enough with sadness

Here’s my newest fun acquisition for Christmas.

These stars are my real decorations for the season, except for a lighted, but undecorated tree.

I like them so much, I ordered 3 more.

These stars are dedicated in Bob’s memory.

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