Car-E’s new toy

My kitten will play with anything and I do mean anything.

There are a few purchased cat toys around but Car-E looses interest in them quickly. This new toy he found had him very active for at least 30 minutes.

He was playing with a potato. I had washed my harvested small spuds and I was sure he had one of them.

He scooted after it all over the kitchen, down the basement stairs, and into the laundry room.

I was afraid he’d leave it forgotten in a corner or under a piece of furniture. Just what I needed a lost potato, rotting away and stinking up the place.

Even after I picked it up, I was sure it was a potato, and then I looked closer.

His toy is an avocado pit! Found by him on the counter where I placed it before trying to sprout it.

Car-E had a lot of fun chasing this pit. I never saw him so excited about the toy.

I’ll let him play as long as he likes with this pit. At least if it gets lost, it won’t be rotting away like a potato.

And since I eat avocados, other pit-toys will follow.

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