An argument

Here is a photo of Squinty and Willy. They are tomcats and are having an argument.

I had a video, too, but Google photos won’t finish downloading it. It’s been days.

I searched the internet for solutions but only found people with the same problem….for years.


No one to complain to.

Anyway, imagine you hear loud yowling from these two.

No fights ocurred, but they were loud until they finally saw me and then they took off.

I’m still ticked off that I can’t download the video. I’ve done it so many times before taking videos of Car-E the kitten. Right now, Google photos is still a pain.

I guess I’ll have to use my camera and not my cell to take videos if I want to use it.

Today, I join those barn cats and do some of my yowling about Google Photos.

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