Bob and Sunny out for a ride

My husband Bob couldn’t wait to get outside this afternoon. It was the first really nice day he and I took the cart for a ride without family help.

Today Bob wanted to look at a plow he intends to sell but he needed some measurements off of it–too bad his helper (me) took so long trying to understand what he wanted to be measured–I wouldn’t let him off the cart to do the measuring as he gets a little wobbly and I didn’t want him falling.

Bob and Sunny (the dog’s not driving. Susan had to push him over so she could get in.

After we did our measuring, Bob and I drove back to the house where Sunny was waiting.

Our dog got so excited when he saw the cart coming for him, I thought he’d run out before I could put his leash on.

We three drove around the farmyard a couple of times, but that made Sunny happy and us, too. It was a good afternoon. Any day when we don’t need any doctors is a good day.