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Car-E is in trouble again

I missed getting a photo of Car-E’s actions or the aftermath on the bathroom floor, but I did document another toilet paper fiasco.

Yes, I did rewind the toilet paper and will use it. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, except that it was unwound.

If company comes, I’ll set out a new roll. Right now, I have to reach into the cabinet for my TP as it is the only way to keep Car-E having another playtime in the bathroom.

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Water, water everywhere

Car-E likes to investigate everything, even the bottom of the water bowl.

He was sure there was something on the bottom of the bowl I just cleaned. Car-E kept searching until half the water was on the floor.

He then took time to lick the water off his feet, while Othello took a drink.

I never know what Car-E will be into next.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

Birthday Flowers

Three bouquets came my way for my birthday. They are all so great.

I had them all outside during my birthday picnic, decorating the table, but eventually they had to come inside.

I wish I could place my beautiful flowers on my table, but I can’t. Car-E, Othello, and Cruella have other ideas of what to do with flowers.

They pull them out and shred them.

Today my flowers are safe in the kitchen, on a pulled out cutting board, where cats don’t venture.

They are still lovely, but it’s at times like this that I wish I was minus a few cats.

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A bed for Sunny

When I was at Fleet Farm last week, I found a large, cumfy bed for Sunny. The best part, it was on sale.

I brought it home without thought where it would go. It was large, so I just dropped on the kitchen floor. Immediately it became a bed for…


Once Car-E came bounding onto the bed. He bounced like he was on an air mattress and flipped over. He took it all in stride and relaxed on his back.

Othello also took a turn on the pet bed. That black cat is ancient but he knows a good thing when he finds it too.

Thank goodness, Sunny isn’t interested in the bed.

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Here chick, chick, chick

I had one slice of bread and broke it up for my hens.

They came running when I called them, both the old girls and the young ones.

Watch as they steal and run with little pieces of bread.

These two came begging for more, looking in the kitchen window.

Usually, it’s cats looking in the window, but not today–the other day I had one chicken looking in and one barn cat. Both wanted a treat. The chicken doesn’t care what they get, even a cat treat. The cat would turn its nose up at chicken feed though.

They are all fun to watch.

Copyright © 2020 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved