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Getting closer

Sunny watched as the kitten came closer.

Car-E was playing and not paying much attention to Sunny. He was busy chasing a pencil. It wasn’t until he looked up at the big dog that he stopped moving.

They eyed each other for a moment. Neither made a noise.

I watched, ready to intervene.

They didn’t move.

It was Car-E who turned away first and went on with his play.

I expected the kitten would eventually end up under the dog’s nose. Sunny must have thought the same. He moved, walking out of the kitten’s play area.

These two make life interesting.

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For kitten viewers

I have a busy weekend, so writing a long blog isn’t in the cards. Still, I don’t want to miss a day so I’m relying on my kitten to bring in viewers.

Here she is playing with the cord from the window blinds.

I have to take advantage of Car-E while she’s young and cute.

I enjoy my feline friends even when they are older, but I have to admit that Cruella and Othello are far beyond their playful days. They are just good company.

I hope you enjoy this short kitten video today.

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Daily play for a kitten

I stop what I’m doing when I hear Car-E’s bell ring. It means she is playing and it’s time for me to take a break to watch the fun.

I hope you enjoy her kitten antics, too.

If you are having a gloomy day, watching Car-E play should give you a boost.

I hope this short video perks up your spirits as it does for me.

Have a good day.

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Car-E the playful kitten

Sometimes animals come your way when you need them. I think my new kitten came to me to make me laugh.

Car-E is very playful as you can see in this video. (She’s in the shower, which keeps her toy from running away from her.)

Car-E also has sharp nails that she uses to climb up my pant leg, but that’s her way of getting my attention.

Car-E the kitten rescued from the car wheel well.

I’m happy this sweetie came to join my family.

If we are lucky, we will have a long life together.

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Animals are her thing

Granddaughter Arianna loves animals. When she’s been on the farm she has picked up frogs and chicks. This day was a time for furry friends.

On a cool evening, Arianna shared her blanket with Joy, her family’s new rescue puppy.

The following day, Car-E, my rescue kitten, was in Arianna’s arms. The dog and the cat wouldn’t sit quietly together, but I bet if Arianna had time she would teach them to be friends, too.

This girl will grow up either taking care of animals or rescuing them. Or maybe both.

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