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Mismatched subjects

I just realized I hadn’t blogged today.

After taking Sunny for a little walk I thought I’d take his photo next to the corn.

Sunny on the edge of the field.

The corn is growing and starting to tassel, but it still has a long way to go.

When I was a kid we cousins used to play hide-n-seek in a neighbor’s cornfield. We never got lost, but younger children have been known to get lost in a cornfield.

Once, I thought we lost our little Becky in the corn. Luckily, she knew to walk around the tall corn to get to the neighbors, but she sure scared me when she disappeared that day.

The neighbors weren’t home so one one could tell us our two-year-old had gone to play in their sandbox.

I wanted to tether her to me after that. She sure was one slippery child, also getting lost in the Museum of Science and Industry when she was five. I didn’t let go of her hand after we found her that day.

I let my mind wander today. See what happens when I don’t plan what to write in my blog.

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There are limits

Sunny is a very patient dog, but there are limits when it comes to Car-E the kitten.

In this video, Sunny seems to tolerate having Car-E close, but only for a few seconds.

When he had enough kitten closeness, Sunny just got up and left.

At least, this time Sunny didn’t bark. He’s not one to bark much, so when he does I notice (see me flinch), but Car-E never pays much attention to the dog’s comments.

The only one who isn’t accepting the kitten is our other cat, Cruella. When Car-E came close to her this morning, she hissed and ran upstairs–that friendship might take some time.

Just another day in my life…nothing earthshaking.

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Four-footed friend

My dog Sunny is more than a pet. He’s a friend.

Sunny would stay outside all day, even in this hot weather, if I would let him. I have work to get him to come inside. Usually, a treat does the trick, but sometimes he’s so stubborn he will forgo the treat so he can stay out longer.

Sunny came to sit with me on the back porch. He keeps a lookout for anything that may come into the yard, be it human or animal.

This day Car-E the kitten had been racing back and forth in the porch, but I couldn’t catch them in a picture together. The cat was just too fast.

If Car-E gets too annoying, Sunny gets up and moves. If Car-E continues to bother him, I’ll put the kitten in another part of the house to give the dog a break.

I believe the kitten and the dog will become friends, or at least Sunny will learn to tolerate Car-E.

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Getting closer

Sunny watched as the kitten came closer.

Car-E was playing and not paying much attention to Sunny. He was busy chasing a pencil. It wasn’t until he looked up at the big dog that he stopped moving.

They eyed each other for a moment. Neither made a noise.

I watched, ready to intervene.

They didn’t move.

It was Car-E who turned away first and went on with his play.

I expected the kitten would eventually end up under the dog’s nose. Sunny must have thought the same. He moved, walking out of the kitten’s play area.

These two make life interesting.

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The dog and the kitten

I don’t think Sunny likes our new kitten too much. Whenever Car-E comes close, Sunny gets up and moves.

Sunny is suspicious of that ball of fuzz especially when Car-E is playing.

Once, I rolled one of Sunny’s old tennis balls across the floor for Car-E to play with. Sunny got up, walked across the kitchen, picked up the ball, and walked away–that dog hasn’t touched that ball in months. Sunny only wanted it because I rolled it to the kitten.

Luckily, Sunny isn’t mean. He won’t hurt Car-E. Sunny will just look sad because he’s not getting all my attention.

I’m sure they will eventually become best friends. Or at least Sunny will learn to tolerate his new housemate.

Poor, Sunny.

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