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Chickens on the run

They are chickens, but they are also pets.

From left to right: Red (aka Brownie), snowflake, and Bonnie. Watch my feathered pets run for the front porch.

They make me laugh as they run.

There’s leftover cat food there. Chickens will eat anything, yes, even chicken.

Now all I have to do is to worry that they won’t get eaten by a wild predator. I hate keeping them locked up all day. They love getting out to munch on bugs and clover, and cat food. It’s a risk but that’s life.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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Teddy Bear — a pet from the past.

When this rolly polly pup came into our family he had hair but it grew a lot longer.

Teddy 1985

Rob with Teddy before his haircut

Teddy after his haircut

Definitely hard to recognize Teddy after his haircut, but he knew us.

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Topfin fish aquarium review

I went to the pet store to buy 2 snails. They were out. Instead, I bought Blue Fish, my beta, a new tank. Below is my review.

The tank holds one gallon of water. It is just right for the single beta that is now living in there.

My past betas lived in bowls without filters. I just changed their water weekly. Having a small filter in this tank will make weekly water changing unnecessary. Another good point for this product.

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Susan’s new pet

When the pet store didn’t have snails, I came home with a different pet.

I’ve had a Beta blue fish before, but it past on at the beginning of the year. Today I got its replacement.

Wish this Blue Fish good luck.

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Car-E is in trouble again

I missed getting a photo of Car-E’s actions or the aftermath on the bathroom floor, but I did document another toilet paper fiasco.

Yes, I did rewind the toilet paper and will use it. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, except that it was unwound.

If company comes, I’ll set out a new roll. Right now, I have to reach into the cabinet for my TP as it is the only way to keep Car-E having another playtime in the bathroom.

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