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A great noise

I was in the living room when I heard a great noise coming from the kitchen. All I could think was that my large kitten Car-E was getting into mischief again.

Of course, I was right. Car-E had turned over the dish drying rack and trapped himself in the sink.

Could he get out? I grabbed my camera to document another Car-E adventure.

Here’s that video.

Happily he escaped and happily the rack was empty and nothing was broken.

I have to watch what I leave on the counter. As I was putting my groceries away, Car-E grabbed a package of hotdog buns. In his play, he threw the bag on the floor, giving it to Sunny, my dog. Sunny took the bait and tried to eat the buns.

I got there just in time to rescue the buns.

Car-E has tossed other things down to Sunny. I think he wants to get the dog into trouble.

I can only wonder what kind of trouble Car-E will get into next.

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Car-E says, “It’s supper time!”

Handing out supper for my house pets isn’t easy. Car-E gets especially excited.

To stop him from climbing up my leg, Car-E gets his food first.

He eats fast and if I didn’t lock him up Car-E would soon be eating any other food he could get to, even mine.

I also separate Othello and Cruella. That way I know who is eating what and how much.

Feeding time is just another adventure at my house.

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A bed for Sunny

When I was at Fleet Farm last week, I found a large, cumfy bed for Sunny. The best part, it was on sale.

I brought it home without thought where it would go. It was large, so I just dropped on the kitchen floor. Immediately it became a bed for…


Once Car-E came bounding onto the bed. He bounced like he was on an air mattress and flipped over. He took it all in stride and relaxed on his back.

Othello also took a turn on the pet bed. That black cat is ancient but he knows a good thing when he finds it too.

Thank goodness, Sunny isn’t interested in the bed.

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Early walk down the lane

Many of recent walks were down the road because the grass was dew-covered.

Today the farm lane was dry and Sunny decided that’s where we were heading.

He was on the lookout for deer as we saw one peek out of the corn one day this week.

No luck on the deer hunt.

But cranes flew overhead.

A nice early morning walk.

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Sunny and his fur

I’m sure Sunny isn’t happy when the world is hot and humid. He has a lot of hair.

Sunny started shedding in January. He took a break after that, but since spring, he has shed and shed and shed.

I used the bucket to pick up his hair. I know he will come inside and still leave some fur behind in the house, no matter how much I brush him.

I still love him.

Sunny doesn’t shed about 2 months a year. I still would have rescued him 10+ years ago even if I knew he shed like this, but others may think twice about living with such a hairy dog–one thing to consider before bringing a dog home.

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