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Out early

Sunny and I were up with the sun again this morning.

Nearing summer solstice the sun greeted us just after 5. A lovely time for a walk

In the distance I heard sandhill cranes and a family of coyotes.

Mornings are be a beautiful part of the day.

Try getting up with the summer sun one day.

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Cat blames dog

In all his life, Sunny never opened a cabinet door. It was easy for me to keep dog food close at hand by putting some in a container in the cabinet. Not so anymore.

Car-E tried to look innocent as Sunny nibbled on the kibble the cat had dumped on the floor. It was my mischievous cat who opened the door.

Of course, Sunny would eat the food on the floor. Car-E hoped that would make him look guilty, but I knew who to blame.

Now I’m looking into safety locks to keep the cat out. With my luck, Car-E will figure how to unlock those, too.

Car-E is one smart cat.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserved

A Sunny dog video

Sunny hasn’t been videoed as much as Car-E so I thought I’d remedy that today.

I couldn’t figure how to record us together. I finally decided that getting down on Sunny’s level was the best way to accomplish this.

Of course, Car-E had to photobomb us. I turned him as quickly as I could so you didn’t too much cat-butt in your face.

I did end the video before getting up off the floor. I assure you that you wouldn’t want to watch that struggle.

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Icky walk with Sunny

As I walked down the lane with Sunny, I remembered why I don’t care to walk the lane with him in the spring.

There may be muddy spots, but that’s not what bothers me.

It’s the goose poop that is scattered all over. Sunny considers these blobs yummy treats. Ugh!

The wind was picking up as we headed back to the house. Sunny never seemed to get enough of his goose treats. As we neared the road the number of ‘treats’ diminished.

It always turns my stomach when he goes after these bits. Our next walk will be on the road where Sunny only gets dog treats that come out of my pocket.

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First cart ride of 2021

The cart doesn’t do too well in winter so it wasn’t used much, except during hunting season.

After sitting for three months, I charged the battery and took it for a ride.

After going around the yard once, I stopped and picked up Sunny for his first ride of 2021.

Sunny kept an eye out for deer and other critters, too bad we didn’t see any close to home.

Copyright © 2021 by Susan Manzke, all rights reserve