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Very tiny kitten story

Here’s a fifty-word story that tells a lot about my kitten.

I figured my little kitten deserved a little story.

Still, I have to divide my time between my three cats, so more short stories to follow.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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A pox on you

As a mother, I always tried to find special treats for our children. One outing was the opportunity to see a Green Bay production of the Nutcracker. Well, everything didn’t go as planned that year.

Chickenpox didn’t have an immunization shot back then. Parents today are lucky they can avoid this spotty, itchy pain.

In my youth, parents would bring their kids over to a neighbor’s home, just so they would catch chickenpox. I wonder who came up with that brilliant idea.

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This memory made me cry

Today’s reading is from 1983, when we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

I did okay reading until the end when tears came.

I love my memories, even if they make me sad sometimes.

Bob and I got closer as the days and years passed.

I miss him so much.

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Halloween ghosts still haunt

Most of my Dad’s stories were funny, even those surrounding the cemetery near his house. Here are two today.

I also adapted the story of dad falling into the grave in Chicken Charlie’s Year. Research had me looking up the Latin phrases used in the Catholic mass before it changed to English. I remember my prayer book had both, but that book is long gone, so I borrowed one from our priest.

I hope you enjoy these retellings.

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