Taking measure

How much rain did you get?

It all depends on where you live and how you measure.

We have a rain gauge on Sunny’s pen. This day we had 3/4s of an inch.

Bob used to talk about his grandfather. In days gone by, they compared the amount of rain measured at their homes. No matter the storm, Grandpa always had more rain, even when he lived next door.

How could this be?

It was the way Bob’s grandfather measured. His rain gauge wasn’t like the Manzkes’.

This was Grandpa’s rain gauge…

…his wheelbarrow.

Of course, he always had more rain.

This method brought a measurement of 2 inches, not 3/4 inch. The day that I took these photos, the guages were about twenty feet apart.

Grandpa never saw the need for a calibrated rain gauge. He liked his wheelbarrow method, which he used all his life.

So, how do you measure the rain coming into your yard? Rain gauge? Wheelbarrow? Teacup?

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