A favorite photo

Years ago, I was a member of a photography club. To learn, we were often given assignments. At the next meeting, we brought back developed photos to be critiqued.

I have no idea what they told me about my photos, but I do know the ones I liked. The one I’m sharing here is one I continue to love.

This photo was taken at the Black Creek Depot. The building was empty and I asked Russell to look inside. This is one of the snaps I took with my 35mm camera that day.

Little Rachel was trying to catch up with her brother, stumbling and almost falling–wanting to be like the older siblings often got her in trouble. She fell once while everyone was wrestling and broke her collar bone. Good thing nothing bad happened to her this day.

It was a fun day to practice my photography and to enjoy time with our two youngest. I think this was fall 1984.

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