Biding my time

It was Farmer’s Market Tuesday again today–only two more left for our season. It rained when we were setting up so didn’t hall out everything. First set up one table, but left books in the car. Eventually, the rain stopped and we brought out my books for sale.

No more rain came, but a cold breeze buffeted our canopy. Bob and I put on sweatshirts.

I debated about using the port-o-potty but finally had to give in.

I know this one is well kept up, so didn’t worry about the smell. What I did worry about was dropping something down into the blue mixture below.

I took off my sunglasses and glasses. I took my keys, my purse, my phone and gave them to Bob along with any change in my pocket. My jacket I left behind. I wasn’t taking any chances.

Nothing was dropped and soon I was back at our booth reloading my pockets. Port-o-potties have their uses, but I always make mine a quick stop.

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