Toys from Susan’s past

When Antiques Roadshow came to Green Bay in 2017, I tried for tickets, but when I didn’t win any, I volunteered. I knew that volunteers were allowed to have two items appraised, too.

I took two toys from my childhood: a doll handed down to me from my Aunt Mary Ann. (All three of us: me, my aunt, and the doll had the same color hair.) The other treasured doll from my youth was a Howdy Doody marionette.

Sweet Sue and Howdy Doody

I knew my dolls weren’t worth much. I just really wanted to know a bit about the fancy-dressed doll.

Marshall Thomas Martin, the doll appraiser, gave me a great gift. He told me that my doll was made after WWII. She was a plastic American Character doll. The best part was her name. She’s called Sweet Sue!

My Sweet Sue is only worth $45, but that’s okay. To me she’s priceless. My 1950s Howdy Doody marionette is only worth $20. Howdy is made from composite materials, which is why he has so many cracks.

I just thought I’d share them with you today.