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Looking for a snowstorm

These days people are often in lock-down at home. In this early column, I was looking forward to some downtime.

Being snowbound meant everything else would be put on hold. Listen to this column from the 1983 to see my view when no snow was in the offing.

Tomorrow a winter storm will be hitting here. I’ll be snowbound with my cats, chickens, and dog. That’s fine for a day or two, but hopefully not too long.

It’s 44 days until spring. That knowledge keeps me going.

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Under a blanket of snow?

After inches of snow, seeing even a bit of soil showing through gave me a glimpse of the spring to come in 1982.

Some places are covered in snow this year (2021). On Sunnybook Farm the snow amount is far below normal. Other areas seem to have gotten our share this winter.

Though we are weeks from spring, even a little sign of the end of winter is good, as I wrote in this archival column.

Some people feel lucky to get a lot of snow. Sledding and skiing are on their agenda. Other people are grateful when the inches of white misses their home. Plowing and shoveling can be skipped.

Are you a snow lover?

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Groundhog Day?

I’ve never believed in this creature or its weather predictions.

This column makes my feelings clear.

So when February 2 arrives on Tuesday, I will not check how the groundhogs feel about winter around the country.

There’s sure to be at least 6 more weeks of winter. That’s just t he way it is in Wisconsin.

Eventually spring will arrive in her own sweet time.

I look forward to seeing green again.

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Travel advisory

It was a nasty day in 1985 but I didn’t stay home. Listen and hear what took me out on slippery roads that day.

These days I don’t venture out on slippery roads. It would have to be an emergency to get me moving.

I prefer to stay home and watch winter from a distance. The most I do is walk to the mailbox and the chicken coop and even on those trips outside I walk carefully so as not to slip.

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Winter fun

I was in my thirties when I wrote this column about sledding with three of our children. Sledding had always been a favorite activity of mine, too bad age has put that fun on the back burner for me. Just walking out for the mail is enough of a challenge for me when things are slippery.

I believe Bob only went sledding once with us. Getting up from the ground and then walking back up the hill was too much for him and his joints. When he did join us he preferred watching the fun from the car.

Still, I yearn for a fun swoosh down a hill.

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