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Oil of a Different color

This column from 1987 could have happened any year. It is not tied to a specific time period.

Listen to hear as one major car problem is solved.

I hope you enjoyed the twist at the end.

I would never had remembered this short happening if I hadn’t written it in my column. This is a good example why everyone should save their stories, no matter how short.

Pick up your pen/pencil today and jot down a story you remember. Maybe one with a fun twist at the end. Good luck.

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An unusual treat

Plans were set, though the actual 1986 date was months away. It would be August before my pen pal Pauline would arrive in Wisconsin.

This is how I wrote about my anticipation in my column.

I will continue giving bits and pieces of Pauline’s 1986 visit in future readings.

I hope you return

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A call from tomorrow

This phone call was the first time my pen pal Pauline and I ever spoke to each other. Up until then, we sent letters and a few tape-recorded messages.

Pauline’s call in 1985 took me by surprise. This column is what I wrote about it.

As a teenager, I remember waiting to find one of Pauline’s blue airmail letters in my mailbox. It was always a treat when one arrived. These days real paper letters are non-existent but we can still connect for free over the internet.

It’s wonderful to have Pauline as my friend. Messages from her, whatever the mode are always special.

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The chickenpox saga continues

I was stuck home for weeks when my children had chickenpox. Becky brought it home and one after another they all caught it, even little Rachel. Ugh!

When Bob and I finally got a break to go to a Christmas party, I turned into the worst guest because the pox continued to haunt me.

Right now the virus that haunts the world today has replaced chickenpox as the subject of discussion. It too has gotten old when talking with friends or listening to the news.

My Christmas wish is that the current virus will soon be under control. Until then, stay masked and at a distance.

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Going for a walk with Bob

Things I’m thankful for.

I’m especially thankful for my column. It gave me many friends and also holds many memories, like today’s reading.

Listen to the end, as there’s a funny twist on one particular walk.

I hope that brought a smile to your face.

That’s my gift to you.

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