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Picture Perfect Day

Today I joined a group of women from the Outagamie County University of Wisconsin Extension – Association for Home and Community Education at their fall Picture Perfect program.

The people there were dedicated to repurposing cards and calendars.

Some of the women were taking old cards, cutting and pasting them together to form new cards.

I worked across from Lois Schwister. We and others were taking old calendar photos, putting them into plastic sleeves, and making flipbooks. These would eventually be used by people with dimension.

The repurposed cards are given to other people to use as they wish.

It was a good day to work with industrious, talented ladies who also made a great pot luck lunch.

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Zucchini relish recipe

A person is lucky to have friends. I’m one lucky person because I have many good friends. One gave me this recipe a couple of years ago. Her name is Carol P.

I do not care to can. When our children were young and underfoot, I worried they would come into the kitchen when I was canning and get burnt. What usually happened, as I was trying to keep them safe, I burned myself.

Today I finished making Zucchini relish and canned it.

The peppers were chopped and added to the rinsed and drained zucchini and onion mixture–I sure hope I rinsed out the salt well enough. It does take a lot of work to get everything set.

After simmering the concoction for half an hour, I filled my heated jars. Today I tried another friend’s suggestion of using the oven to finish the pickled mixture instead of a water bath–fingers crossed this works.

All finished

Here’s Carol’s recipe:

Zucchini Relish (Makes 8 to 9 pints)

10 C. ground zucchini

4 lg. ground onions

5 T. salt

2 1/2 C vinegar

6 C. sugar

2 tsp. celery seed

1/2 tsp. pepper

1 tsp. dry mustard

1 tsp. turmeric

1 T. cornstarch

1 red pepper, chopped fine

1 green pepper, chopped fine

Combine zucchini, onions, and salt. (Use entire zucchini, skin and all.) Let stand overnight. Drain and rinse well. Add rest of the ingredients. Simmer 30 minutes. Fill hot jars and seal. Process in hot water bath if desired. Excellent on hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers–this recipe was published in the What’s Cooking? cookbook printed in 1984 by the St. John the Baptist School, Seymour, Wisconsin.

We now have enough for an entire year and some to share.

Let me know if you make your own batch. The first time I made this I cut the recipe in half. That worked just as well.

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Sharing beauty

I have bought a number of flower bulbs and tubers over the years, but my favorite ones have come from friends.

Gardeners like to share their beauties with others. It’s their way of adding color to the world.

This dahlia probably has a name, but I forgot it. Flower names don’t mean so much to me. I’m sure my friend, Bridget Staley, would know. There’s a lot of flower and garden information in her head. She’s a Master Gardener and the tubers for this dahlia came from Bridget.

Dahlias are as big as my open hand.

I lost a lot of my perennials over the winter. Either the cold killed them or some hungry creature ate the bulbs. Having dahlias blooming here today is a wonderful gift. Thanks for the gift and sharing the beauty, Bridget.

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This photo was taken a couple of years ago in our Amish friend’s garden.

I took no photos today when they came to Sunnybook Farm. I just enjoyed the company of the whole family.

Father and four sons took a cart ride with Bob. I couldn’t believe how the boys all piled on. They had a ball.

Meanwhile, I was teaching Mom and the girls how to play Bocce ball. When the rest returned, they joined the fun.

Mostly, we ate, visited, and laughed. It was a good day to be with friends.

Seymour Community Museum

If you are out and about today, I’ll be at the Seymour Community Museum from 1 to 4. It’s on Depot Street.

A friend who reads my column met me there last summer. Up until that time we were only ‘newspaper/email friends’ but we finally got to talk face to face.

Susan and friend meet face to face for the first time.

There are exhibits for people of all ages, so bring the kids/grandkids. History is for everyone.