Car-E at play

Sometimes I have to be Car-E-free. If I’m going in and out the door, I don’t want him slipping past me.

He’s so fast! He would be out in the yard before I could stop him. To keep him safe I have to think ahead of my growing kitten.

Sometimes I lock Car-E in a room he can not escape while I’m busy. That’s usually the bathroom.

For a short time without Car-E under my feet I give him a treat in his toy.

Food is very important to this kitten. He’ll do anything for a kitty treat.

When I put a few pieces in his toy, he works hard to get at the kibble.

Car-E is an adventerous cat.

He’s is often underfoot. This is one way to distract him from getting in the way. Too bad my groceries didn’t get put away because I was too busy watching Car-E.

The clown of the house makes me laugh.

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