Watch out fish!

If Car-E had his way he’d be my the fish tank, swimming with my three fish. I can imagine that happening. A lot of splashing would have ensued with a very wet cat emerging.

(The fish are twenty-nine cent feeder fish. I don’t buy expensive fish anymore because they usually die.)

Five months ago, I started out with six feeder fish. I’m down to 3. Hopefully, they will live to see another day. Anyway, these can easily be replaced for a few pennies.

Car-E squeezed behind the tank. too, but I wasn’t fast enough to capture that image. I’ll try again when he returns to watch the fish again.

The kitten even tapped on the hood to see if there was a way inside the tank. Luckily, for all involved the top was secure.

Some house pets entertain others. Right now these fish are entertaining my kitten, Car-E and they all are entertaining me.

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