Need a little TP?

How can a little kitten get into so much mischief? Car-E always seems to be in trouble.

This day I came back into the house to find a trail of toilet paper out into the hallway. Car-E had been playing.

To keep the older cats happy, I gave Car-E his own room. It’s the small downstairs bathroom. Here he plays with his toys, eats, and sleeps. He also has his litter box there under the sink. Car-E likes his room and only has the door closed when his adventures get to be too much and he needs a timeout.

This day he was free to roam the house, but he found his way back to his room for some fun.

I could only laugh at his antics with the unrolled toilet paper roll. He had to jump for the tail to get it started, but he’s a cleaver one and went for the gold.

I took this video of him still having fun with his new, long white toy.

I hope you enjoy his antics and keep coming back to search for more videos of Car-E, and other things.

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