Deer me

Whenever Bob and I take a ride in our cart to our woods, I grab my camera. It’s a sure thing some interesting wild animal will appear if I forget it on the table.

This first photo I snapped of a doe and fawn from quite a distance. I took a couple of shots, but most were blurry because I moved the camera. It’s not easy keeping the camera steady when the zoom is outstretched.

doe and fawn by Susan

Besides having my camera with the zoom lens, we set up a critter cam to capture photos of our four-footed neighbors.

When I looked at the photos taken by the critter cam yesterday I found a doe nosing around the area. She seemed to be alone. She stayed in the area for quite some time so we got quite a few shots of her.

An ordinary doe

My favorite one from yesterday is of a doe with an attitude. The only thing that would have made this photo better is if she had her tongue out.

the same doe showing off for the camera

I have all kinds of nature photos, too many for my laptop, so I’m working at editing out the doubles and blurry shots. This sure takes time so I better get to work or I won’t have room for new photos.

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