Surprise visit

Bob and I haven’t had a lot of luck wildlife viewing lately. Once in a while, we’ve seen a couple of sandhill cranes and a few turkeys, but no whitetail deer.

Tonight was different. As soon as we stopped on our viewing knoll, we saw a buck in the neighbor’s cornfield. He stared at us for a little while and we stared back.

Bob then pointed out two other bucks who were hidden from me behind a tree.

When all three started moving away, a fourth showed up. At the last minute, two more came out from behind tall grass.

For a time we had a total of six to watch, but soon they all disappeared into the woods heading north.

“Who are you looking at?”

About ten minutes later, three deer ran out of the woods heading south.

Neighborhood whitetail

Some of the first? Maybe, but I added them into our notebook just the same.

I’m happy I brought my camera with tonight.

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