Happy Father’s Day

Like others, our children have been wishing their dad, Happy Father’s Day today. Two of our children were able to visit us on the farm. Others sent wishes and phoned. All four were extremely happy that they were able to send their love. Last winter no one was sure Bob would live long enough to celebrate another Father’s Day.

Some of the things Bob was able to give to his children over the years include a good work ethic and patience. Bob’s frustrations were only exhibited when he worked on his old machinery, not when he was with his children. When a wrench slipped, Bob swore, but only if no one else was in earshot–he often forgot that we could hear him through the floor when he was working in his basement workspace. Hearing him lose his temper always made our children laugh because it showed their dad was human and could express emotions, too.

Robby, Becky, and Daddy Bob 1980

Today, we want to wish Bob a Happy Father’s Day and hopefully for many more years to come.