Susan takes a stand for mourning doves

In 1989 Wisconsin put their peace dove, the mourning dove, on the list of animals to hunt. I objected and wrote about my feelings.

Everyone did not agree with me. Some even wrote letters to the editor. Wow! Here’s what I wrote about the idea of hunting one of my favorite birds.

Mourning doves are fun to watch and listen to, but there’s only a bit of meat on their bones, so don’t shoot and eat them.

A small group of hunters is allowed to hunt on Sunnybook Farm. Most seek deer, some turkeys, and ducks, but no one is allowed to shoot a mourning dove. That’s the rule.

You may object to my stand on hunting these mournful little birds and that’s your right. But this is my farm and YOU SHALL NOT HUNT MOURNING DOVES HERE!

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