Last year, Bob sat where I am sitting as I write today. I’m at his seat at our kitchen table, looking out the window.

Our land renters are here today, starting to combine their corn from Sunnybook Farm.

This makes me sad as Bob watched as soon as they came in fall 2019 until dark. No, that’s wrong. Bob watched their lights moving across our fields after dark. It was the first year Bob hadn’t farmed.

He went outside and took our cart into the field to get a better look at the work, visiting with one or more of the Maass family as they worked.

This photo was taken earlier in 2019. Bob watched that summer as our sons and sons-in-law cleaned up a fallen tree from the cornfield after a storm.

It is good seeing the work getting done. I’m sure Bob is watching with me.

Okay that’s enough for today.

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