A snapshot

A cell phone with a camera is a handy thing to have. That’s the only way I’m able to capture photos of moving critters.

Still, getting the phone out of my pocket hinders me some. If it has gone cock-eyed in my pocket, I’ll fumble with it and miss out on something cute or interesting.

I haven’t gotten many good photos of butterflies this year. Though many butterflies flutter by, I usually miss them. Only getting a blur in the air.

Yesterday, a yellow tail landed at my feet multiple times. It was almost like it wanted its photo taken. Too bad I had left the phone on the kitchen table. I didn’t even have a chance for a blurry photo.

Most photos these days are of Car-E. That kitten is cute and often seems to pose for me. He also comes out as a blur, too, because he’s very fast when scooting after a toy.

Here Car-E and Othello are. The old cat batted the kitten away and Car-E fell over like he was forcefully struck.

As soon as Othello turned his back, Car-E leaped to his feet and went playfully after Othello again, only to end up on the floor again. He may give in, but Car-E doesn’t give up.

If only I could capture all that I witness with my camera. I guess I have to be happy with the ones that I get…..

A butterfly just fluttered by my window. I think I go hunting it with my camera.

Bye for now.

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