Status of my mail-in ballot

I mailed my ballot for the Wisconsin election soon after I received it. But how do I know that it arrived?

I checked (I requested my ballot on this same link after talking to my town clerk.)

Back to the reason for this blog:

When I put in my information (I’m registered) it listed when I requested my ballot, and that the request was approved on the same date.

The next block said they were preparing my ballot and that it was mailed to me the same day.

The next notification block told me that they had received my completed ballot.

I’m now sure that my ballot is set to be added to all the other votes, both mail-in and in-person ballots, for the August 11 election.

If you vote by mail, like I did, mail it back as soon as possible.

Get Out The Vote Clipart

In Wisconsin, you can request a mail-in ballot and check on its status on the internet. I think that’s progressive.

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