A Bob build

Years ago, when two young cats came to live with us, Bob extended the window sill in the kitchen. This was so Pete and/or Othello could sit and look out the window.

Bob never met Car-E, but I think he would be pleased to see my new cat is using the extended sill.

Today, Car-E watched a rain shower. Last night he was looking at chickens who had come up on the porch. He’s also observed outside cats, whom he might be related to.

Bob would have built many more climbing and perching shelves for our cats. He really liked seeing others who had upper shelves and tubes going from room to room for their cats.

As the other cats age they gave up on perching on the kitchen window sill.

Now it’s all Car-E’s.

“Mew,” said Car-E, which means, “thank you, Bob.”

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