Yard work on the farm

I’m a writer, so when I pick up a rake or shovel it is usually grudgingly. Still, work has to be done.

Last year, autumn changed into winter too soon. A lot of fall yard work was left until spring. Now besides fallen leaves, I have fallen branches to pick up. Those chores aren’t too bad, but raking has added issues.

With a gravel driveway, a lot of the stones were picked up when winter snow was plowed. Every spring raking that gravel adds to the work. Stones are much harder and heavier to rake.

Getting as much gravel out of the grass as possible is important. Hitting rocks would be hard on the mower, besides they can go flying and hurt someone.

Raking is good exercise. It also wears a person out.

After two hours of work, I was pooped.

Warm enough to roll up my sleeves.

It doesn’t help that there’s a lot more to rake. So this afternoon I’ll be out in the yard raking again. Good thing the weather will be in the 50s after lunch.

Writing is so much easier. At least it is when I have something to write about.

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