Bob would have been proud

Today I checked the oil level in my car. I’ve checked oil before, but I always had Bob as a backup. This time I was on my own.

First, was to remember the latch to open the hood.

That was easy to pull. Getting the hood to open was the challenge of the day. I remember Bob cursing at the car hood when he couldn’t get it to open last year. I didn’t curse, but I felt like it. I had the latch knob in my hand but couldn’t budge it…. until, suddenly it worked.

Finding and pulling out the dipstick wasn’t a problem. I even remembered to bring out a paper towel to wipe the oil off the stick.

All went well. There was even oil on the dipstick. It wasn’t necessary to add any.

I was so proud of myself.

I have an oil change appointment for Friday, but I didn’t want to have any kind of problem before that scheduled time.

Now I know I can drive back and forth to Seymour this week without worrying about low oil.

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