New and old cutting boards

Last August our daughter, Rebecca, introduced me to
Longshadow Woodworks at Art Street in Green Bay. Ever since I’ve been working with Aryn and Courtney Kern talking about replacing my three kitchen cutting boards. (

I measured and remeasured, and re-remeasured, hoping I’d get everything correct. I then emailed my measurements to the Kerns for their estimate.

They gave me their estimate but said they couldn’t do my custom work until winter. That was okay with me. We had been putting off getting new cutting boards for years, and years, and years. (Bob and I moved here in 2001.)

Today I met Aryn Kern at the Artigras event in Green Bay and picked up my three maple cutting boards–Aryn and her husband Courtney drive from Minnesota for both Artigras and Art Street.

I was extremely happy with their creations for our kitchen.

Guess which are the old cutting boards and which are the new ones.

I held my breath when I slid the new boards into place. They fit perfectly!

Susan with Aryn Kern at Artigras

Thank you, Aryn and Courtney, for doing a wonderful job. I love my new cutting boards. I love them so much I will think twice before cutting on them. The wood is just too beautiful. I don’t want to scratch it.

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