Crazy Cat

Along with a birdfeeder, we also have a heated waterer attached to a porch post. Birds stop there for a drink, but so do barn cats–not at the same time.

I understand the cats coming for a drink when everything is frozen outside. I just don’t understand how they take a drink some of the time.

Most get up on a ledge, also built for feeding birds, but mostly empty these days as cats like to sit there. Some cats take a sip from the edge near where they are standing.

Adventurous cats plunge their paws into the water and drink from the opposite side of the ‘birdbath’.

Taking a drink this way isn’t bad on a mild day, but I’ve seen them do this when it is extremely cold outside.

I haven’t seen any frozen cats, but I can’t see the reason they have to drink while dunking their tootsies.

I just hope they can off their feet fast before they freeze.

Taking a drink from the far side of the heated birdbath.

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