Washing machine problems

For months I was without a clothes dryer. That was fixed just as the weather made hanging clothes outside more difficult. Now I have a problem with our washer.

The washer won’t let cold water in to fill the tank. I have only hot water to wash in. The worst part is that the washer only uses cold for the rinse cycle.

The rest of the machine works perfectly. The guy who fixed the dryer said we need a part to fix the cold water problem, but since the machine is old he can’t get it, so he couldn’t fix the washer.

I am still using this washer.

I put some hot water into the tank and then haul cold water from the kitchen sink to finish filling it.

This isn’t the optimal way to wash clothes, but it works. We may look for a new machine next week. But I get ticked off that the washing machine works, mostly. We shouldn’t need a new one.

Bob looked on the internet for parts, but couldn’t find any there either. The good thing is that it’s only the two of us who live here. It really would be difficult if it was the days when we had four children living with us. Back then it was hard keeping up with the tons of laundry even with a working machine.

Right now I get exercise by hauling water. That’s not a big hardship. It just ticks me off that we can’t fix my mostly-working machine so it can fill properly.

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