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Rain gauge

This last storm dropped two inches of rain here. The lawn is soaked so it will take some time to dry before I can mow again.

Walked in a drizzle/mist this morning. It was a little chilly but not too bad.

No good sunrise photo today but I have hope for the sun to appear later today.

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When the rain didn’t come

This year (2021) gave us a very dry, hot June. The year 1988 was near the same.

This column is about praying for rain, seeing clouds, and wishing they would bring beneficial precipitation.

Luckily, our weather changed at the end of June this year. The rain came all at once, but it sure helped the crops.

No knowing how the rest of the season will be. Will rain come when needed? Or will it skip this area again? Only the Almighty knows.

Hoping for enough rain, but not too much.

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Darn those stubborn chickens

The storm clouds were rolling in and I continued to run around the yard.

Why? I continued to risk my life because I was trying to coax my four stupid hens to go inside their coop before the rain arrived.

I finally gave up and went into the house. I took this video from the porch as the chickens decided to get out of the rain.

This reminds me of an incident when I was a kid. The sky had turned green. Tornados were in the area and my mother was outside trying to get the goat in. I guess I take after my mother. We’d both be flying in the sky, holding onto our animals, as we flew to Oz.

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An early morning shower

It wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing.

Total of the showers that came here today was 1/10 of an inch of rain.

Tiny bits of hail fell but luckily it was not a problem here. Others weren’t so lucky.

This rain will soon burn off, as we are so dry. Still, it is better than nothing.

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The promise of rain

When I walked out for my mail, I saw clouds were blowing in and took this short video–it was very windy, so video is noisy.

In about 5 minutes it started to rain.

Before I could close my windows, the rain stopped.

I continue to look for rain, but there’s not much chance of getting a needed soaker.

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