A combination of events

I didn’t sleep well as a noisy thunderstorm kept me awake last night.

When I came down this morning, I carried an opened pack of toilet paper. Noise from the living room distracted me.

Listen to my vlog to hear what happened.

Multiple events had me question my sanity, but after searching the house, I did find the lost pack of toilet paper.

When things go missing, I usually ask my sainted mother for help. So many times we searched for her keys and/or purse. Mom was always losing something. Now from heaven, she helps me find things.

So that’s how I started my Saturday morning, searching. Good thing I eventually walked back to the living room. Thanks, Mom.

BTW: that radio never, ever turned on of its own accord before. It was so very odd hearing it playing WPR when I came down. “Bob, were you listening to the radio?”

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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