Horses on an Amish farm

I visited my friends in Cambria on Monday, August 23, and took some photos of the animals on the farm–photographing the Amish is out of the question.

They are very proud of their horses, so I had no problem taking photos and videos of the horses. This team was harnessed to pull a hay rake. . Notice that they did not walk away even though they were not tethered. A little later, they calmly walked to stand by a hitching post. Soon after taking their photos were taken, they were put to work

I had a wonderful visit with my friends the Ottos. They treated me to lunch and we shared memories of Bob.

It took a bit of courage for me to take the 2+ hour trip to the Otto farm without Bob, but I’m happy I did. To make it less stressful, I didn’t go on Highway 41, but took a country route instead. The absence of the crazy highway traffic made for an easy drive and only added 15 minutes to my trip. I won’t wait so long to go to visit my friends again now that I found this peaceful route.

Until next time, that’s it from Sunnybook Farm.

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