Car-E’s annual checkup

At first, I thought we’d miss my cat’s physical appointment. I couldn’t find Car-E, but after searching the house, I located him in a closet. He must have slipped in when I was hanging laundry.

It wasn’t too hard getting Car-E into his pet carrier, but he sure didn’t want to come out. At the vet’s office, he puffed himself up and sent a ball of his hair flying loose.

This was just the first handful of fur that came off of Car-E. In the end, there was five times this amount..

The checkup didn’t take long.

Two inoculations brought Car-E up to date and set for the next three years. They gave me a rabies tag for him. That will go in the drawer as Car-E refuses to wear a collar.

No problems were reported by Dr. Jamie. There was one thing noted. Car-E weighed 15 lbs, 9 oz. and that made him a bit heavy. I guess he takes after me.

Car-E cried when back in the carrier but was extremely happy when I let him free at home. My good kitty then went upstairs and hid under my bed. He stayed there for the next couple hours and only came out until it was time for supper.

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