Lost in a hayfield

This memory/column is from 1982. Bob and I went to Farm Progress Day that year. Rachel Jo was with us. She was only three months old and I kept her near as I was nursing her.

When it was time to feed little Rachel, I started out across a huge hayfield where all the cars were parked. It took a little while to fine our van, but I finally found it and settled back to take care of my baby.

As I relaxed, I watched as others came to the same hayfield looking for their cars and trucks. To me their searches looked like a game.

This is the column I wrote after that Farm Progress Day excursion.

These days, when drivers can’t find their vehicles they can push the button on their keys and have their car honk and blink. That way they are easier to find. It wasn’t that way in 1982,

There are no big adventures in my headlights these days so remembrances will have to do.

P.S. I also remember how cozy I felt in the van that day as I nursed my baby. That’s a good memory, too.

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