Marshmallow Public Service Announcement

I had the great idea of dehydrating regular sized marshmallows in my oven. I set the temp very low, loaded in the marshmallows, closed the door, and let them dehydrate.

It wasn’t long before I could smell burning marshmallows. I opened the door and found a disaster. My marshmallows didn’t dry. They melted and fell in gobs to the oven floor–no photo of disaster because I was too worried that I’d soon have a fire and too embarrassed.

No fire ensued. I caught the problem in time. It took a lot of work cleaning all the globs of white sweetness out of my oven.

Take this as a Public Service Announcement.

Do not try to dry regular size marshmallows in your oven! They melt.

A dedicated dehydrator does work.

To get crunchy, dry marshmallows, I set my Ninja air-fryer/dehydrator on dehydrate, set it for 4 hours and had success.

Once the machine stopped, I let the marshmallows cool before biting into their crisp, sweet whiteness.

This is better than waiting for Peeps to dry for months.

Just be careful how you try to dry your marshmallows. The small marshmallows will dry a lot faster.

Good luck with your marshmallow adventures.

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