Another story from Dad

I thought I’d share another of my dad’s stories. Playing Chicken was also adapted to be part of my novel, Chicken Charlie’s Year.

Playing Chicken

My sister, Bea, always could out do me of any candy or popcorn that I might have. Her chicken game always backfired on me.

“Baloney! You’re always the chicken and I’m always the farmer. I want to be the chicken for once,” I demanded.

“Okay, you can be the chicken,” Bea said. “Give me your popcorn and I’ll feed you.”

Down on all fours I went, crawling around, going, “Cluck, cluck, cluck,” and my sister Bea scattering popcorn on the floor.

Everything went fine until I got a popcorn stuck in my nose.

“Just close your mouth and blow,” she suggested.

A couple of tries and out it came.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized she had fed me my popcorn and ate mine, too, hiding her own until later.

Bea wasn’t selfish, just too clever for little old me. She enjoyed playing her games and jokes on me.

Mom and Dad on their 40th anniversary

Dad and his sister teased each other throughout their lives. It was all done in fun with love.

When Dad told this story he emphasized the dislodging of the popcorn kernel. In my book, I made it more graphic, too.

I hope this gave you a giggle today.

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