Yeast for bread

I had asked on FaceBook if anyone knew where I could get bread yeast. There seemed to have been a run on yeast as so many people currently are home making their own bread.

The store shelves were bare, but a cousin told me I could buy yeast that would work and not spend a fortune.

I bought a brewer’s yeast online and have used it to make my bread.

There is no taste difference to my home-baked bread. The only problem with my usual recipe and today’s bread is that it needed double the time to raise. This would not work in my bread machine as the settings do not change enough to suit this longer rise.

I used my bread machine to mix my loaf, but after the first raise, I took it out and put it into a loaf pan. When it had raised enough for the second time, I baked it in my oven.

It was tasty, as I ate a piece when it was still warm.

I now have more than enough yeast to make many loaves of bread, at least until my flour runs out.

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