Getting out of doors

A farmyard is larger than most yards in town, times ten. So far I’ve raked about one percent of the lawn around my house. Yesterday, I raked and moved three wheelbarrows full of fallen sticks and last year’s leaves.

The day wasn’t as pretty as the day before, which took away the ‘fun’ of raking. I kept Sunny outside with me. After taking him for a potty walk, I slipped his lead over a heavy wooden chair and let him watch me work.

The soft soil makes pushing the wheelbarrow work, too, but it seems the best way I can move things right now.

See Sunny watching me from a distance through the glider.

I took a timeout from work on the glider. It needs oil as it squeaks. Bob hated its squeak. The squeak doesn’t bother me much. It actually reminds me of Bob. My husband couldn’t use the glider much as his bad hip made it difficult for him to get in and out of it.

This is just another day on Sunnybook Farm where I am self-isolating. This isn’t as bad as it sounds as I live in the best place on earth and Bob continues to be with me, even if in spirit.

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