What day is it?

I’m home alone. Most days are the same for me. My chores are the same. Even my phone calls are the same, “Yes, I’m still home and I’m okay. How is it at your home? ….. The same, huh…..”

It’s hard to tell what day it is. I’m not going to Sunday church, though I did set a timer to tell me that mass will be broadcast at 10:30. But often I have to think, “What day is it?” “Monday? …… Wednesday? …. or what?”

Another reminder for me is the due date for my column, but I really have to think about that so I have something written and ready to go to my editor.

People who take pills daily have a reminder at their fingertips. It’s called a pill organizer. Sometimes this is the only reminder I have, but it does work…

As long as I remember to take my pills.

I’m counting the days of confinement. Today is number 14 for me….I think

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