Purple lunch

I’ve had purple food before, like grapes and plums. I’ve also had purple drinks, like a grape float. I’ve never had a purple potato, until today.

Friends, Ray and Judith, came for a visit. Often when they come they bring something from their garden. In winter, it had to be something that lasts through our cold months.

Last week they brought me potatoes. Some were small and two large ones were purple!

An almost one pound purple potato.

I roasted one of the purple potatoes while they visited. It took one and a half hours.

On the outside, the uncooked potato looked rather ordinary. It wasn’t until I cut into it that the real purple appeared.

Mashed with a fork

Today, I ate half of the roasted purple potato for lunch with a bit of butter and salt. It tasted like an ordinary potato, so yummy.

A purple potato, baked and unbaked.

If I’m smart, I’ll keep a portion of the second purple potato, with eyes, and plant it this spring.

I think I’ll do that, unless I get real hungry, and eat my last one.

Thanks, Ray and Judith, for the special treat.

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