For the last two and a half months, I’ve been without a clothes dryer. Hanging hasn’t been much fun. Rain kept making life interesting.

My clothes felt and looked like they have been starched. What was worse was the towels. They were like sandpaper.

Three weeks ago a repairman came. He figured out we needed a heater coil. He went back to the shop to order it.

A week and a half later the part was in but we werent’ home the day he had time to come.

Eventually, the repairman and the part arrived. Success! Or so I thought. When I threw in wet towels the drum didn’t turn and worse yet smoke came out of the door when I opened it!!!!

The repairman couldn’t come right back. He needed a few days for minor surgery.

Today he arrived. The drive belt had slipped off and the motor turning against it caused the smoke.

He fixed it easily and was out of here in ten minutes.

Towels were ready to be dried.

The second batch was very stiff jeans.

I am so happy.

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