Last night about midnight, a wicked thunderstorm came through Seymour. It got very noisy. Lightning was all around us. After I got up to unplug our computers, the electric went out–I waited a few minutes to see if the electricity came on. It didn’t and I was the first to report the outage.

Bob slept through the storm, stretched back in his ELECTRIC lift recliner. I knew he’d have to get up eventually so I went for the 9-volt batteries I had in the kitchen for just this kind of problem.

My husband continued to sleep as I worked my way behind his recliner and installed the batteries so he could get out of his chair when he woke. I then stretched out on the couch and went to sleep.

Bob woke up and tried to lower his legs, but he couldn’t. I guess those packaged batteries had been in the drawer too long and didn’t work.

He needed to use the facilities so we worked together to get him out of his chair. Bob slid forward onto the raised footrest and almost stood, but the chair tipped forward with his weight.

It was work, but Bob did get out of the chair and made it to the toilet in time. This made him happy. He came back to sit in my recliner.

The electricity returned after three and Bob happily returned to his own recliner and kicked back.

My next shopping trip, I’ll buy new 9-volt batteries and hope we won’t need them ever again.

Harrison and Grandpa Bob sitting in the recliner on a storm-free day.