Anger on Earth Day

I love taking our dog, Sunny, for walks down our road. Sunny likes going, too. The most fun he has is when he finds the scent of deer who have crossed the road.

As snow has faded, all the trash thrown from vehicle windows over the winter has become visible. There’s food containers, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans out there which I will pick up as soon as the ditch has less water.

I don’t know why people can’t take their trash home and dispose of it properly, but a new arrival has me hopping mad. Someone is now tossing out glass beer bottles.

I’ve found beer cans before, but glass is an extra hazard. Instead of a whole bottle, I ended up picking up glass shards right near our home. Sunny could have easily stepped on one and cut himself.

Yesterday, I drove further down our road and saw an unbroken bottle on the shoulder. I stopped, picked it up. It is now in our recycling bin.

Drinking and driving is bad news. So is tossing your garbage on the roadside. People wake up and clean up your act.

Sunny doesn’t like finding broken beer bottles where he walks.
The beer bottle Susan retrieved from the side of the road.